Alabama Bill of Sale Forms

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As the name says all, the Bill of Sale of Alabama form is a form that gives you the authority to legally transfer your property and possessions from one party to another. It is up to the seller what they want to put on sale and what the buyers need, as everything will be mentioned in the form, from major to minor items.

The agreement is done between the buyer and the seller. Everything is done via paperwork and allows both parties to do the work in the best way possible that can be verified legally. You can save yourself from long-run trouble from the issues that can arise anytime in the future, which concerns the transfer of personal property and other possessions.

This form can safeguard both parties’ rights, the buyer and the seller, as they are supposed to follow specific terms and conditions. In the future, if something wrong happens, you can claim the right and use your authority based on that agreement.

Types of Bill of Sale Forms in Alabama

There are different types of bill of sale forms in Alabama. To find out which documents are included in this list, have a look at the below information. There are five main types of bill of sale forms in Alabama.

Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

For a vehicle bill of sale form, you need to add all the additional information about the vehicle’s purchase, VIN, the year, make, and vehicle model, the date when the vehicle was abandoned, the date and location of the sale.

Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

For an Alabama bill of sale for motor vehicle form, you are supposed to include the purchaser and seller's name and personal information; VIN, driver's license numbers of buyer and seller, the year, make, and model of the vehicle. Also, mention the amount of purchase in the form.

Firearms Bill of Sale Form

Alabama bill of sale for guns form is you have to add the name, complete address, driver's license number of the purchaser and the seller, make; type or model; caliber; and the serial number of the gun. You must also add the purchase price here.

Boat Bill of Sale Form

Alabama bill of sale for boat form should include the names, addresses, and driver's license numbers of both parties; the make, length, and year of the boat; the Hull ID; the registration number; the odometer reading in hours; and the title number.

General Bill of Sale Form

The General bill of sale form, like the rest of the forms, includes the name, addresses, contact numbers, and other essential details of both parties, along with the information of a personal property that is going to be sold. This includes anything like vehicles, anima, equipment, property, etc.

Important Details of a Bill of Sale Form

There are a few details to remember for both buyer and seller to remember so when they are going to finalize their agreement, they don’t miss anything important. These details can save you from huge trouble that can pop up in the future anytime.

One of the most common issues that arise is that one of the party buyers or sellers claims things that aren’t part of the agreement and were not decided beforehand. In this situation, you can use the original copy of the signed forms and secure your right.

A bill of sale form includes the year, make, and model of the product, especially in a vehicle, description of the item, VIN, purchaser, and seller’s complete names, numbers, and addresses. You also need to add the price in which you sell the item, odometer reading, etc.

Vehicle Bill of Sale Alabama Forms

This kind of bill of sale’s primary purpose is to legally bind the buyer and the seller’s agreement concerning the details of the vehicle’s sale. Different states, even counties, have the separate bill of sale forms according to their terms and conditions.

You can also transfer the ownership of the vehicle to someone else if you need to. Possession of the vehicle will be done after the vehicle’s full payment will be given to the seller. The bill of sale form will be completed after both parties sign the agreement after ensuring that all the necessary details are mentioned in the form.

This agreement will be beneficial for both parties in different ways as you can safeguard certain rights over the basis of this contract. Don’t forget to add any of the mentioned details, as this is the last chance for you to include all the necessary information before the process of signing completes.

How to Write a Bill of Sale Form in Alabama?

A bill of sale form includes all the necessary details that come along with the names, contact numbers, address of both parties, price of the product that the seller is going to sell, VIN in case of a vehicle, odometer reading, signature of both parties, date of sale, make, model, type, of the vehicle, series number of the vehicle, and many other essential details.

Don’t forget that a bill of sale must be notarized. In case you are going to transfer the ownership to someone else, this should also be mentioned there. The ownership title will be granted after the seller pays the total amount to the purchaser.


All those who are thinking about buying or selling some property in Alabama would find this information sufficient. We hope that now you will be able to keep all of this in your mind if you decide to purchase something or up for selling an item or two. By ensuring that you have added all the necessary details, one can save oneself from trouble.


Does a bill of sale have to be notarized in Alabama?

In Alabama, a bill of sale is not always needed by the Department of Revenue for vehicles. All bills of sale must be notarized or have both parties witnessed to the necessary signatures.

Does a bill of sale expire?

Most of the time, the contract is legally binding between purchaser and seller till the bill of sale follows guidelines needed in the state where the sale or transfer takes place.

Is a handwritten bill of sale a legal document?

Yes, a handwritten bill of sale can be a legal document.

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