Bill of Sale Forms in Illinois

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What is Bill of Sale in Illinois?

Bill of the sale in Illinois refers to a document that helps the buyer and the seller to protect certain rights over the property or item they are going to trade. This is a legal document that makes sure that you have done trading with someone and have right over the trading you have done with someone.

A bill of sale in Illinois saves you from a long of trouble that can be encountered shortly by any of the parties, the buyer or the seller. This document doesn’t expire until one of the parties changes its terms and conditions or says something otherwise not mentioned in the form.

In case something terrible happens, you will be able to deal with the issue on legal grounds as the document gives you the advantage that you can claim your rights based on it. It is essential to mention all the crucial things in advance before the process of signing so you would be able to save yourself from any unnecessary issues.

Types of Bill of Sale Forms

There are some types of bill of sale forms that are often used whenever someone needs to trade over something. The primary purpose of these forms is to give legal recognition to your document so it would worth something, and you can have some proof of the dealing that has been done between the buyer and the seller.

Following are some significant types of bill of sale forms that you can use in case needed.

Boat Bill of Sale Form

The boat bill of sale form is used when you need to transfer the title of ownership to someone else. It is up to you to whom you want to give the right over the boat. In this form, you need to add all the necessary details about the boat and your and the buyer's complete detail. It includes the complete names, addresses, contact numbers, signatures, etc.

Suppose you are supposed to add the decided price, date, color, shape, and boat model in the case of sale. The new owner can't claim the ownership if they didn't pay the total price.

Firearms Bill of Sale Form

Gun bill of sale includes the sale of firearms, and here, you need to add all the essential information about the seller and the buyer. Complete names, addresses, contact numbers, make, year, model, serial number, signs, date of purchase, and the amount you will sell will also be added.

Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Vehicle bill of sale refers to the trading of any vehicle. On the form, you need to add the name, address, contact number, number plate in case it is not personalized, year, make, model, figure, shape, date of manufacture, the price that both parties agreed to be paid, registration number; signatures, etc.

General Bill of Sale Form

General bill of sale refers to the items that are considered to be of any kind and don’t usually need to be registered. It can be a vehicle, property, an item, anything at all. You need to fill the form with all necessary details like the names, addresses, contact numbers, make, model, year, shape, color, price in which you will buy it, and other things you find necessary. Signatures of both parties will come at the end.

How to Write a Bill of Sale?

Before you are about to write a bill of sale, you should know your state's requirements very well. Every state has specific conditions for trading for both buying and selling something. After ensuring your state's demands, you should follow them to do successful legal processing of the agreement.

You can also use a template while writing a bill of sale. With the help of a template, you can make your work better and impressive. After adding all of these formal things, you need to go for both parties' personal information.

You need to fill in the names, addresses, contact information of the buyer and seller, date of the sale, description of the property or the item, the amount that is supposed to be paid, warranties, signatures. In the case of a vehicle, add the make, model, and year, mileage on the odometer, condition of the vehicle, hull number, and VIN.

Why Do You Need a Bill of Sale in Illinois?

A bill of sale in Illinois is required to give legal recognition to your trading that you do as a buyer or a seller. It is needed so you could be able to make your agreement legal and do everything under the legal conditions of the state where you live.

This will secure you some rights over the item that you sell or purchase from someone. Both parties must discuss their preferences and agree upon specific terms and conditions that they will later add in the form.

It is essential to add all the necessary details in the form, so you don’t feel bad about not adding something important later, as this is the last chance for you to secure your claims. If you forget about adding anything significant in the form and sign the agreement, you don’t claim something new at this stage as everything has been finalized after the process of signatures.


With the help of this information, you will be able to know if or not a bill of sale is necessary for you or not. We hope that you should go for it if you need to sell and buy transactions in a proper legal form. It has many benefits for both parties, so you should think about it as it allows you to make your agreements legally verified.


Is a bill of sale required in Illinois?

No, it is unnecessary to register your items, but if you want to give your trading a legal worth, then a bill of sale is necessary.

Can we write a bill of sale on our own?

Yes, a bill of sale can be written on our own. We need to add all the necessary information to it.

Who keeps the original bill of sale?

After both parties sign the bill of sale, you can make a copy or take its picture. The buyer can keep the original bill of sale.

Does a bill of sale prove ownership?

No, it doesn't. Only a title transfer can do that. Bill of sale is just proof that trading had occurred between both parties.

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