Vehicle Bill of Sale Forms in Louisiana

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What is The Louisiana Vehicle Bill of Sale?

Louisiana vehicle bill of sale is a document that confirms a transaction between a buyer and the seller of a vehicle, it contains vital information that serves as an invoice and receipts for the people involved in the transaction. This form is a legally-binding evidence in which the vehicle ownership changes from one party to another.

As a resident of Louisiana trying to obtain a vehicle from a friend or any vehicle sector, it is advisable to get the Louisiana vehicle bill of sale as proof of change of ownership before you can register the vehicle with your local motor vehicle agency. A well filled Louisiana vehicle of Bill sale saves a buyer from any future misunderstanding with the seller. Thus, it increases trust between two parties.

It should be noted that the Louisiana Bill of sale is not a legal ownership record. When buying a vehicle, make sure you have a title in addition to the if sale.

What Information Can You Get From a Vehicle Bill of Sale?

At a glance, you can get specific information from the vehicle bill of sale form, including:

  • The seller's name, address, contact driver's license etc
  • The buyer's name, address, contact, driver's license etc 
  • Description of the vehicle i.e The model, make, manufacturer, colour, the year of the vehicle as well as the engine number which is located on the engine of the vehicle
  • A warranty information should be included as well
  • Dates of sales
  • Method of payment: It should be stated if the vehicle was a gift or fully bought by the individual but if the bill of sale is used with regard to a gift, a dollar amount will be required
  • Signature of both parties

The Cocodoc platform has provided an easier means of accessing the Louisiana vehicle bill of sale form. If you feel overwhelmed writing one for yourself, our talented team can help you craft one for your business deals. 

How To Sell a Car In Louisiana

Selling a car in Louisiana requires some steps to be taken before the transfer of ownership can be done. These steps includes:

    • An honest assessment of the vehicle's condition:

Before setting out to sell a Vehicle in Louisiana it is advisable to set and prepare the vehicle for a close sale. If need be, let a trusted mechanic have a thorough inspection on the vehicle to avoid unforeseen situations. Also, it is expected that you thoroughly clean the interior, change the oil, top all accessible fluids and neutralize interior odors to make the vehicle presentable for sale.

    • Use different means of advertisement platforms:

i.e online ads, sell it privately, with the help of a car dealer or you can choose to sell around your yard.

    • Make sure to provide all the required information on the title, or in a bill of sale if there is not enough space on the title.
    • Make sure to give the buyer a lien release.
    • Remove the license plates from the car.
    • Remove the license plates from the car.
    • You must also follow the guidelines put in place by the Louisiana office of motor vehicle( OMV) :

after the sale has been done you must fill the Louisiana vehicle bill of sale form which must include all necessary details of the buyer as well as yours, your license plate number, the vehicle registration expiration date and the VIN number. 

  • Finally, both parties must sign to confirm the transaction.

How To Write a Vehicle Bill of Sale?

When using the Louisiana vehicle bill of sale, it is necessary to know how to fill the form. Firstly, you need to obtain information with regard to the vehicle that you are about to sell or buy. 

Other features include:

    • The vehicle identification number or VIN number which can be found at the base of the lower right-hand corner of the windshield.
    • The model, make, manufacturer and year of the vehicle which can be found on the file or the registration belonging to the vehicle.
    • The engine number
    • A reading of the mileage must be added and it can be found under the base of the needle in the odometer.
    • The seller's contact and personal information
    • The buyer's name and personal information
    • Date of sales which include day, month and year of transaction.
    • The total purchase price of the vehicle and method of payment has evidence that the vehicle was fully paid for.
    • Duplication of Bill of sale, a copy should be given to both the seller and buyer. 


The vehicle bill of sale form in Louisiana contains vital information about both the buyer and seller, the price, the date of transaction, a description of the motorcycle. If you have a used car that you want to sell to a friend or close relative, it is your responsibility to write the vehicle bill of sale report. 

Failure to write the vehicle bill of sale means that if the transaction didn't go down well, you and the buyer will have serious misunderstandings. The buyer can even drag you to court to claim damages. So, your best bet is to create a bill of sale before you even attempt to sell your used property.

If at this stage, you still cannot figure out how to write a vehicle bill of sale Louisiana, then you can leave the troubles to us at CocoDoc. We have experts that will do the writing on your behalf. Feel free to reach out to us and we would swiftly be of help.


Is a Louisiana Bill of Sale Required to Register a Vehicle?

The Louisiana Bill of Sale is not necessarily required to register a vehicle because the form is just a proof or evidence that shows the transaction of the change of ownership from one party to another.

Does a car bill of sale need to be notarized?

Louisiana is one of the states in the U.S.A that a car bill of sale needs to be notarized but not in all cases. Both parties don't necessarily need to be physical during the notarization.

Can I use a vehicle bill of sale template?

Yes, you can use a vehicle bill of sale template. Here on the CocoDoc platform, we have several that you can freely use without stress. If you also need our assistance, do let us know and we will quickly come to your aide.

Is a vehicle bill of sale the only document required?

The vehicle bill of sale is not the only document you require because this form is only an evidence of the change of ownership, it doesn't clearly state the legal owner of the vehicle. Thus a title is needed.

Who keeps the bill of sale when selling a vehicle?

Both seller and buyer have copies of the bill of sale form. The form will help to avoid misunderstanding and fraud when selling or buying a vehicle privately. 

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