Texas Bill of Sale Vehicle Form

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What is a Vehicle Bill of Sale in Texas?

Selling out a vehicle or buying it privately can be risky as you don’t have much information about the other person. In such situations where you have to give out a hefty amount or sell your vehicle, you should do something by which you can put yourself on a safe shore.

A Texas vehicle bill of sale is a legal agreement used to show that the vehicle has been legally sold. A vehicle bill of sale texas is a receipt that depicts that the seller has sold his vehicle to the buyer, and it also comes in the government records.

When you are buying or selling something, it is always good to have a paperwork trail as it protects you from unforeseen conditions such as misdealing and fraud.

When Will You Need a Vehicle Bill of Sale Form?

Texas bill of sale form is the form for the personal protection of the person, whether buyer or seller. Eventually, it is not a requirement in Texas to have a vehicle bill form, but if you have it, you get yourself saved from many difficult situations.

A situation may happen when a person causes an accident after purchasing a car from you and blames you for selling the vehicle in that condition. How will you defend yourself? Only verbal statements are of no worth in the court proofs are required. A motor vehicle bill of sale in texas can prove solid proof and save you from that false claim.

Another situation may occur when you buy a vehicle from a private dealer, and then that dealer claims that he hasn’t sold you that car. If you do not have any proof by your side, you will lose your vehicle and the money you have paid to buy it. A motor vehicle bill of sale form acts as a security guard for you and will prove that the transfer was made.

How To Sell a Used Car?

In today’s world, nothing is difficult to do. We have the internet, and the internet has made

the world global village. You can post about your car with some pictures of different angles, and within a few minutes, you will get a huge audience that might be interested in buying it. When posting about your vehicle online, give brief accounts on the car.

Another option which you can go for is that you can contact the dealer in your area. He will buy it himself or will get a person who is willing to buy it. Another thing which you can do is place your car with the board on it “For Sale” it will also attract people and will help you sell out your used car.

How to Write a Texas Vehicle Bill of Sale Form?

Texas vehicle bill of sale forms are very convenient to write. All you have to do is to mention the basic information about both the parties and give a detailed account of the car. You can get free templates available online or can also get a pdf form of the template. However, there is also an option to fill it online.

Keep a few things in mind before filling out a Texas vehicle bill of sale form:

  • Write the name, address, contact number of both the seller and the buyer.
  • State the car (model, make, VIN).
  • The amount on which the car is sold.
  • Date on which this deal is happening.

If the car owner is giving any warranty about the car, do mention it. As it is a used car, there may be some underlying issue that may not appear at the time of the deal but may appear after it so that the seller won’t be responsible for it. Both the parties must have to sign at the end.


Make yourself at peace by having a bill of sale in your hand. Nobody can be trusted, so take the steps which protect you. When you have the legal form by your side, you can call off any false claims, so what are you waiting for? Write your bill of sale and protect yourself. And don’t forget to give us feedback.

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