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What is a Bill of Sale?

A bill of sale is a legally verified document that allows you to do all your sales and purchasing transactions in the best way possible. Through this document, both parties can ensure that the marketing has been done in the right direction.

In case any issue pops up, you can use this form and prove your claim’s authenticity. A bill of sale works as legal evidence that tells that full consideration has been given in a transaction and that the seller has transferred the rights to the assets detailed in the bill of sale to the buyer.

It is also used to transfer the ownership of the property to someone else. Through this form, you can legally bind yourself in a contract that works till the end only if both parties stick to the terms and conditions. A bill of sale includes all the necessary details added by both parties to safeguard the buyer and the seller’s rights.

Types of Bill of Sale Forms in Tennessee

There are different types of bill of sale forms in Tennessee. Have a look at the below information to find out which ones are being used there and what falls under these bills.

General Bill of Sale Form

Tennessee’s general bill of sale includes all the necessary data like the names, addresses, contact numbers of both parties, signatures, and price decided to be paid, date of purchase. The items that fall under this form don’t need to be legally registered. Here, the data you need to add is of surface level and found on any sale bill as it includes general items.

Livestock Bill of Sale Form

Tennessee and livestock bill of sale includes information about the description of livestock, brands, genders, breed, number of animals. Animals being used need more detailed documentation during the sale, though individual horses or other animals do not need a similar detail level.

Boat Bill of Sale Form

Tennessee boat bill of sale requires you to add the seller’s name and addresses, make, model, year of manufacture, date of purchase, Tennessee registration number, sale price, Hull ID number, number of motors, and horsepower. You can transfer the title of the boat to someone and need a boat bill of sale. The buyer is supposed to show the bill of sale and the previous owner’s registration card to legally take ownership of the boat.

Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Tennessee vehicle bill of sale requires you to add both parties’ details, date of purchase, make, model, the price that was decided to be paid, color, year of production, and serial number. By adding all these details, you can sell or give the vehicle ownership to anyone you want.

Important Details of a Bill of Sale Form

A few details are essential to add in a bill of sale form that can secure your right as a buyer and a seller. Beforehand, you need to know what you will add in the form before you finalize your agreement a few details because if you skip anything essential and sign the papers, you are legally bound to follow those signed terms and conditions.

It is necessary to add all the details required to a piece, so while you are about to prepare a bill of sale form, you should know what to add and what not to. This is the final chance for you to include the essential things for you, as, after that, you will be legally bound to fulfill the paper’s requirements.

You can also make a rough draft and add all the necessary information before putting them in the sale form bill. Remember that you can change or add any conditions after discussing them with the other party before signing.

When Will You Need It?

You need a bill of sale whenever you want to buy or sell something and want your contract to be legally verified. As everything will be written and signed by both parties and their mutual agreements, this form will be used later if any issue arises.

You can use this form to prove your claim of purchase or selling. A legal document can’t be expired unless one of the parties says otherwise and states that they want any chance or want it to be amended for one reason or another.

How to Write a Bill of Sale Form?

There are a few essential things to keep in mind while writing a bill of sale form. Remembering all these things before you decide to sign the papers can save you from huge trouble that can pop up in the future anytime. You need to include the name, address, and contact number of both parties. A description of the item sold, including serial numbers, identification numbers, size, make, color, model, design, and other distinguishing features, should be added.

Add the vehicle identification number (VIN) and license plate number, and the transaction date when the amount will be paid. The method of payment, warranties, and signs will come afterward.


Selling or buying something is an important task and requires you to be cautious because if you don't take specific steps consciously, you might fall into a trap. We hope that this article will be sufficient for you in getting to know what you need to add in a bill of sale form.

Just take all the steps after consideration and don't need to be hurried to sell or buy something. Think about everything cool-headedly, and then go for the signing process.

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