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What is a Texas Bill of Sale Form

Texas bill of sale form is a documented evidence to show that a transaction occurred between a buyer and seller.

Supposing you want to buy a second-hand vehicle from someone you don't know too well and you don't want to pass through a legal dealership, you can use the Texas bill of sale form to capture the transaction between you and the vehicle owner. That way, both of you are protected against misunderstanding and fraud. 

Texas bill of sale form can also serve as an evidence in a law court in the event that one party fails to honor the terms of the transaction. 

Types of Bill of Sale in Texas

There are several bill of sale forms in the US state of Texas. In fact, the forms are up to 11 in number. In this section, we will walk you through the different types of bill of sale in Texas and explain what each form can be used for. 

  • Boat Bill of Sale

    The boat bill of sale is a document that both buyer and seller can use to prove the occurrence of a transaction involving a vessel. The new owner of a vessel can also use the boat bill of sale for registration purposes.

  • General Bill of Sale

    The general bill of sale is also a document that shows the transaction or deal between a buyer and a seller involving a personal property. The new property owner or the buyer can use the general bill of sale for the purpose of registering his/her new property.

  • Firearm Bill of Sale

    If you live in Texas and you need to buy a firearm for self-defense through a private dealership, the firearm bill of sale is a document that you would use to document or record the transaction.

  • Vehicle Bill of Sale

    As with the boat bill of sale, the vehicle bill of sale is a document that you can use to record the purchase of a motor vehicle in the state of Texas. At its core, the vehicle bill of sale is also used during the registration of a motor vehicle.

  • Motorcycle Bill of Sale

    The motorcycle bill of sale is similar to the vehicle bill of sale in that it is also used to record the transaction of a motorcycle involving a buyer and a seller.

  • Business Bill of Sale

    The business bill of sale is a document used in the business world to record or capture any transaction involving two or more businesses. Most Texas-based businesses people are very familiar with this type of bill of sale.

  • Mobile Home Bill of Sale

    To buy or sell a mobile home in Texas requires that both the buyer and the seller should record the transaction using the mobile home bill of sale. That way, the transaction is legal and thus can protect the parties involved against fraud.

  • Horse Bill of Sale

    When you need to buy or sell a horse as long as you stay in Texas, you must make use of the Horse bill of sale to record the transaction.

  • Furniture Bill of Sale

    Buying furniture without a dealership can be a risky venture. However, using a furniture bill of sale helps to streamline the process. This bill of sale helps to create harmony among furniture buyers and sellers.

  • Equipment Bill of Sale

    Equipment bill of sale works like every other bill of sale we have mentioned in this post. Simply put, it is a way to document or record the transaction involving the purchase of equipment anywhere in Texas.

  • Dog Bill of Sale

    Pet lovers in Texas know and understand the benefit of using the dog bill of sale form. This bill of sale is primarily used for the purchase of dogs, cats, and other pets.

How to Write a Texas Bill of Sale?

Writing a Texas bill of sale is very easy and straightforward if you can follow instructions to the latter. Remember that the Texas bill of sale is used to show evidence that a transaction occurred between two parties. The transaction can be anything - motor vehicle, dog, equipment, mobile house, furniture, and much more.

To write a Texas bill of sale, here is how to go about it - you should start by writing a declaration that you are selling a particular item to a buyer at a certain price. Remember to include the name of the item you are selling, your full name and address and the full name and address of the buyer.

Next, include all the important information that is relevant to the item you are selling. Also, include the date the transaction took place and the exact location. Once all of these are included, be sure to authenticate the document with your signature and date. Please, note that whether you want to sell a boat, motorcycle, or mobile house, the format is the same for all the Texas bills of sale.

For emphasize sake, here is what should be included in a Texas bill of sale:

  • The date of the sale
  • Both buyers and seller's full name
  • The sale price
  • Address of both the buyer and seller.
  • A description of the item to be bought or sold.
  • The original owner of the item.


Now you can see that using the bill of sale Texas is not as difficult as most people think. The bill of sale in Texas can be used for different purposes. Whether you want to buy or sell a vessel, mobile house, or motor vehicle, you can use the state of Texas bill of sale to facilitate your transaction.

Additionally, the bill of sale form Texas protects you from fraud and misunderstanding if a transaction doesn't work out well.


Does a bill of sale have to be notarized in Texas?

No. If you live and do business in Texas, it is not compulsory to notarize a bill of sale Texas. However, for flexibility both buyer and seller should visit the county tax office when the seller signs over title to the vehicle.

How does a bill of sale work in Texas?

The workings of a Texas bill of sale is very simple for even a layman to understand. The bill of sale is legal proof that a private transaction occurred between two parties. When you hold a Texas bill of sale, you should see at a glance, the description of the item sold/bought, full names and addresses of the parties involved, their signatures, and the date of transaction.

Is a handwritten bill of sale legal in Texas?

Of course, a handwritten Texas bill of sale is legal. It can be accepted in a law court as evidence that a transaction occurred.

Does the purchaser need to sign the bill of sale?

Generally, the purchaser is not under obligation to sign the bill of sale Texas. However, you can confirm with your local authorities or the county tax office to be sure whether a purchaser's signature is required for your specific sale.

Do I need to have the bill of sale witnessed by a third party?

The bill of sale Texas doesn't need witnesses for it to be valid. However, if you have one or two witnesses when the bill was signed it is better evidence, in case the transaction doesn't go down well.

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