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In the transfer of ownership of real items from a seller to buyer, a document that serves as a receipt of the transaction and also a witness of the sale is employed. This document, called the bill of sale, serves the place of a receipt. Unlike a receipt, it is more detailed and more reliable. It contains all the basic and secondary data of the item of sale and the parties involved.

When used for the purchase of a vehicle, it is known as a vehicle/car bill of sale.

What is a Vehicle Bill of Sale?

A Vehicle Bill of Sale is a legal document drafted to record an agreement between two parties involved in the transfer of ownership of a vehicle. It is a document that stands as evidence that a transfer of full ownership to the new owner was made on a said date. It states the terms on which the vehicle ownership is transferred from the seller to the buyer.

When and Where is a Car Bill of Sale Used?

A bill sale of a car is necessary paperwork needed for the sale of a car. It is mostly employed in the sale of private cars without the presence of a dealer. It involves a maximum of three persons. The document serves as a witness and legal aid.

A car bill of sale also called an auto bill of sale is used in three places: where the transaction takes place, as evidence of the transaction, and proof of ownership at a vehicle regulatory office. In some countries, such a document is used by the authorities to determine sales tax on such transactions. This is majorly due to the nature of the settings a bill of sale is used in; they are used in settings not covered by legal provisions or a union yet. The buyer also uses this document to register him/herself as the new owner of the vehicle.

Components of an Auto Bill of Sale

The following are components of a bill of sale for a car:

  • Names and Addresses of the Parties: in a clear font, the names and addresses of the parties should be correctly spelt. These precautions are necessary to avoid potential future misunderstandings.
  • Purchase Price and Date: in clear terms, the price of the vehicle that both parties have agreed on should be documented as well as the date when the transaction takes place.
  • Location of Sale: the country, state and precise location where the transaction takes place should be recorded.
  • Vehicle Description: the properties of the vehicle and its present condition at the point of sale should be recorded. The descriptions to note include the make of the vehicle, its model, body type, year of production, VIN that is, Vehicle Identification Number, license plate number, vehicle’s last date of inspection before the date of sale.
  • Warranty: the warranty date agreed upon by the parties and other noteworthy terms on which the vehicle is sold should be documented in the bill of sale.
  • Signature of Both Parties: this marks a consolidation of the agreement so it is very important.
  • “As Is”: if the item is not sold on warranty, the buyer is to provide a statement that the vehicle is being sold just as it is and that there are no underlying conditions. The condition of the odometer and brakes should be stated too.


What is a car bill of sale?

A car bill of sale is a document that records the terms on which the transfer of ownership of a vehicle is made. It states the purchase date and price, vehicle description, condition, and identification number. It serves as evidence of the transaction and is used in legal settings as proof of ownership before the authorities.

What does a vehicle bill of sale look like?

There are tons of resources on the web to get a free bill of sale template for cars. They can be downloaded and edited to the preference of the parties involved. Click <strong>here</strong> to get a sample bill of sale for the car.

Is a vehicle bill of sale important?

The legal document stands as a witness of the transaction between the two parties and will serve as a point of reference upon future controversies. It helps in clearing potential misunderstandings as it is very clear cut and states in plain understandable terms the conditions and agreement of the trade.

Can I get a free bill of sale for a car?

Parties involved in the transaction can get a free bill of sale for the car. They could draft one themselves or log onto the internet to get a free printable bill of sale for car.

Is a third party needed in a bill of sale for a car?

A third party is not always necessary for a bill of sale for a car but it is advisable to get one.

What to Pay Attention to When Recording a Bill of Sale for Car?

A lot of precautions are to be taken note of when a bill of sale for a car is recorded.

Does a bill of sale for a car expire?

The document includes details of trade between parties. It is simply evidence that such trade took place and as such does not have an expiration date.

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