Vehicle Bill of Sale Tennessee Forms

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What is a Vehicle Bill of Sale?

The bill of sale Tennessee is a document that details the critical information of a vehicle's transfer of ownership. This record contains information about the buyer, seller, vehicle, and the selling price, trade-in amounts, and signatures associated with the transaction.

The state of Tennessee does not require either party to hold a bill of sale upon trade, but it is strongly suggested that the seller do so to prevent any possible liability. It can also be a valuable tool for tax purposes.

Types of Bill of Sale Forms in Tennessee

The following are the most widely used bill of sale in Tennessee:

    • Boat Bill of Sale


The following items must be included in a bill of sale for a boat:

      • The boat's make and model.
      • The boat's length.
      • Hull's identification number.
      • Serial number and horsepower of the outboard motor.
      • Bill of Sale

You can have the following details in the description in a Tennessee general bill of sale:

      • The registration number.
      • Year, make, and model.
      • Color, size, type of item, and the material used to make it.


      • Firearm Bill of Sale


The Tennessee firearm bill of sale form creates a contractual arrangement between a buyer and a seller in a document that includes all specific information regarding a firearm sale.

        • Vehicle Bill of Sale


According to law, a Tennessee bill of sale for the car must provide the following information:

          • the vehicle's make, model, and year.
          • The vehicle's structure and color.
          • VIN


          • Motorcycle Bill of Sale

A TN Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale is a legal document that relates to the fact that a vehicle was legally sold in Tennessee. The form would ask for details about the seller and the Buyer and vehicle identification information.

          • Business Bill of Sale

Tennessee Bill of Sale Forms are legal documents that prove the sale and purchase of a range of products between businesses and individuals or private parties.

          • Mobile Home Bill of Sale

Mobile Home Bill of Sale Form n Tennessee is for transferring a used mobile home from one person to another.

          • Horse Bill of Sale

The Tennessee Horse Bill of Sale Form certifies that a horse has been transferred from the seller to the Buyer. This document is designed specifically for the selling of a horse.

          • Furniture Bill of Sale

A furniture bill of sale is a legal document that allows a seller to sell any furniture (outdoor or indoor) to a buyer. The record serves as legal evidence that a transaction occurred.

          • Equipment Bill of Sale

The details of a transfer involving a piece of equipment in a material testament for an agreed-upon amount of money are depicted on an Equipment bill of sale form.

          • Dog Bill of Sale

Tennessee Dog Bill of Sale Form is for transferring dog ownership from one party to another. The Tennessee Dog Bill of Sale is a document explicitly arranged for the sale or purchase of a dog.

How to Write a Bill of Sale?

Take these measures to create a bill of sale TN.

          • Step 1: Save the file as an Adobe PDF.
          • Step 2: Fill in Buyer's Information

In the Second section, fill in the following information about the buyer:

          • Street Address
          • City
          • State
          • Zip Code
          • Full Name


          • Step 3: Fill in Seller's Details

Fill in the following information about the vehicle's seller:

            • Street Address
            • City
            • State
            • Zip Code
            • Full Name


            • Step 4: Vehicle Overview

Fill in the blanks regarding the vehicle that is being sold:

              • Sale Date
              • Vehicle Identification Number
              • Vehicle Make
              • Model Year
              • Built Color
              • Price to be sold

Data about trade-in:

If the deal includes a trade-in with another vehicle, be sure to deduct the trade-value in's from the sale price to calculate the difference and annotate it appropriately.


              • Step 5: Signatures of both the seller and the buyer

The following is required for the last section:

                • Seller's Signature
                • (printed) Seller's Name
                • Buyer's signature
                • Name of Buyer (printed)

Why Do You Need a Bill of Sale in Tennessee?

The Tennessee bill of sale is a hybrid legal document that serves two purposes. It acknowledges the transfer of title to ownership of the property and serves as proof of a contract. Since a bill of sale TN is often used for official purposes such as registering a car or a boat, it may be subject to state regulations. Many states require an odometer reading on a vehicle bill of sale TN, and certain states still need it to be notarized.

A bill of sale Tennessee may be used in a loan application. For example, if you're purchasing a car with financing (installment fees), the whole agreement may be written as a bill of sale, even though the title can not be transferred until all loan payments are made.

Important Details of a Bill of Sale Form

A bill of sale TN is a legal document that specifies the transfer of property or the sale of goods from a seller to a buyer. This form of paper acts as legal proof that the seller transferred their properties mentioned in the sale bill.

The following details must be included in a Tennessee bill of sale:

                • The buyer's and seller's names.
                • A detailed overview of the item for sale.
                • The cost of the product.
                • Payment methods
                • details of the warranty.


The Tennessee vehicle bill of sale is a non-mandatory but valuable document for the parties involved in a private vehicle sale in Tennessee. It assists in identifying the vehicle's ownership chain and the purchase price and provides personal information about the seller and buyer. The transaction's parties would obtain substantial legal proof of the transaction, with all of its information duly notarized, in this manner.


What is the concept of a bill of sale?

A bill of sale TN specifies the terms of a property transfer and serves as evidence of the transaction. The seller almost always drafts the bill of sale.

What is the method for obtaining a bill of sale?

Anyone in Tennessee can write a bill of sale. A contract can be legally binding if both parties involved have signed it. Notarizing your bill of sale will make it stand up in court. You may either use an online service or write your TN bill of sale.

When Can a Bill of Sale Be Used?

In the following situations, you can use a TN bill of sale:

Is there a difference between a bill of sale and a sales contract?

In some respects, a TN bill of sale varies from a sales contract (also known as a purchasing agreement or a sale of goods agreement). Sales contracts specify potential sales transactions, such as the item to be sold and the date on which ownership will pass between the owners.

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