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When you are buying or selling your vehicle, there is a need to fulfill some legal documents. They take time to get them, but they are also vital before you get that car on the road. One of them is the Idaho bill of sale, to signify the transfer of ownership.

It is okay to know where the DMV offices in Idaho are, but the Idaho vehicle bill of sale has another way out. It’s via the modern online platforms that you can access anywhere like CocoDoc.

What is an Idaho Vehicle Bill of Sale?

The bill of sale Idaho form is the document you need to prove evidence in buying or selling a private car. It serves as the agreement between the buyer and the seller on the vehicle sale.

Selling a car in Idaho requires you to fill in one together with the buyer as you transfer the title. Once the document is set forth, the new owner can register the vehicle with the Idaho Department of Transportation’s DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles.)

The car bill of sale Idaho document accompanies other essential credentials such as the ITD 3858 form, which the seller has to fill and sign within five days of selling the vehicle. That’s among other documents we will shed light on as we proceed.

If you are an Idaho resident with a car dealership to chase, the state of Idaho bill of sale should never pass you.

How to Sell or Buy a Car in Idaho?

You have to follow the proper channels when buying or selling a car, but it’s pretty straightforward. Ensure that the vehicle is in decent condition and not involved in illegal activities for the buyer.

Next, title submission is required from the seller to the purchaser. That is why you need to sign under the seller’s signature and input the sale date where necessary. The only time you are not required to transfer the title is if you have a dealership license.

You also need the Odometer disclosure statement. It’s required for every car that is on sale, and it’s less than ten years old. The Idaho auto bill of sale is the following document, and it needs to include the vehicle’s details such as the year, model, make, and VIN.

The selling price, buyer’s details, and date should also be available. Finally, you require the release of a liability statement.

How to Write a Vehicle Bill of Sale in Idaho?

The state of Idaho bill of sale is now available for online filling. All you need is an internet-enabled device to get one. Proceed to access the CocoDoc website and navigate to the bill of sale template Idaho form.

Click on the form’s link and then the ‘Use Forms’ button to view it in a fillable format. Read through to see if there are any requirements you don’t have. Fetch everything and then proceed to fill in the blank spaces using CocoDoc’s editor.

Input information required in your parts on the vehicle bill of sale Idaho form and then send the form’s link to the buyer. Once they input their information and sign, CocoDoc will notify you. Proceed to sign on your part and save the form.

Send the form to the Idaho transportation department or print it to submit in hardcopy.

Why Do You Need a Vehicle Bill of Sale in Idaho?

It’s not the document that the Idaho Transportation Department will require when transferring the title. On the other hand, the Idaho car bill of sale is a document that you can refer to after the car’s sale if there is an issue.

It’s there to signify that you indeed sold the car. It also shows other details such as the date, buyer’s information, the price, and signatures. The state of Idaho can also use the form to calculate any taxes due.

It’s unnecessary to carry the Idaho DMV bill of sale, but it helps in quick referring. In general, you need it as a piece of evidence that you sold the car, and it no longer belongs to you.


If you want to prove that you bought your vehicle in Idaho from a private entity, the Idaho bill of sale will verify it as a worthy document. It’s now available online, and all you need is an internet-enabled device to access it via the CocoDoc website.


Is a bill of sale required in Idaho?

Yes, you need an Idaho bill of sale. The document lists the vehicle details, buyer and seller information, and shows the car’s selling price. The state of Idaho will refer to the numbers to calculate the taxes.

Can you write your bill of sale for a car?

You can write your own ITD bill of sale, but it’s much better when you are not thinking too hard about what to include. Use a template since the samples are already available. In case you are drafting yours, ensure that it has the vehicle details, buyer and seller information, descriptions, signatures, and the date.

What needs to be on a bill of sale for a car?

The buyer and seller should both be available on the Idaho bill of sale car form. The names, addresses, and daytime phone number contacts should also be available.

Is a bill of sale the same as a title?

No, the bill of sale is not the same as the title. The former includes the car’s title, but it’s used to show that you bought the car privately. However, you can use the car bill of sale Idaho form to obtain the title from the Department of Motor vehicles (DMV.)

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