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What is an As-Is Bill of Sale?

The as-is bill sale is a document that allows sellers to sell things without a warranty. For example, vehicles, property, and other related stuff. In other words, we can say that it is the contract in which the buyer gets exactly what he sees. No kind of warranty is promised by the seller about the durability of that item.

The bill sale is, in general, the document by which transfer of interest or title of a property from one person to the other can happen. This bill sale document works as the legal evidence that the seller has transferred his property or interests mentioned in the sale bill to the buyer.

It is a written proof that the property is transferred to the buyer. It also proves that the buyer has paid the certain amount asked for that property, and the seller has received that particular amount.

Why Do You Need an As-Is Bill of Sale?

As-Is bill sale can be needed in various situations, generally in those situations in which something is being sold or bought. As a bill of sale, this is used when the property is being transferred from the seller to the buyer.

The written document is always of more worth than the verbal statement and can also be used as proof under certain circumstances. This document has all the little details about the thing being sold.

The as-is bill of sale can also reduce the risk of double-dealing. It also makes sure that the deal is regulated legally and honestly. Whether somebody is trying to double-cross this bill of sale as is can ensure all.

Important Facts About As-Is Bill of Sale

The legal forms, such as the As-Is Bill form or other as such forms, vary from state to state. The terms and conditions vary, one state may allow you to transfer your interest to the buyer either way, and the other state may have different rules.

Suppose we state that a bill of sale is proof that the item being transferred is in the same condition as described in the form, not to be wrong. For example, if someone is selling his used vehicle. They may sell it in “as-is” condition.

This means that the seller is not giving any warranty that everything in the car works perfectly. There might be some underlying problem that is not visible at the time of selling but may appear later as the vehicle is in the used condition.

If the seller is giving any warranty, make mention which sort of warranty and where it applies.

How to Write an As-Is Bill of Sale?

An as-is bill of sale is a statement that should be clear so that anyone can understand it without any problem. Writing an as-is of sale form is not any rocket science. You can easily do it yourself or even can go for the bill of sale template available online.

The first thing you should do before writing an as-is bill sale is to check your states’ requirements. As in some states, it is required to have an as-is bill for personal property, and in contrast, some states consider the transfer itself qualifies for the bill, so no separate bill is required.

Secondly, you have to check that all the essential details should be there in the as-in bill of sales such as name, address, contact number of both the seller and the buyer, date of the sale, description of the property, the amount paid by the buyer, etc.

Suppose the item is sold with any warranty other than the details of that warrant. If it is a vehicle bill of sale, do mention the model, identification number, and related information. At the last of the bill of sale form, both parties should sign that document.


An as-is bill sale is a form to protect both parties from future inconvenience. Try to make it as detailed as possible so nothing can cause inconvenience or misunderstanding. This article must have helped you write to us how this helped you and make it better.

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