Firearm (Gun) Bill of Sale Form

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What is Firearm (Gun) Bill of Sale Form

A firearm bill of sale form is an important form that records the transaction involving the sale of firearms. The form also records the names, addresses, item sold/bought, and a description of the item. With a firearm bill of sale form handy, it will help you to avoid misunderstanding and fraud with your buyer.

What is a Federal Firearms License (FFL)

The Federal Firearms License also referred to as FFL is a license issued to businesses and store owners for them to sell and manufacture firearms. Firearm sellers are required to comply with certain rules and regulations before they allow their customers to buy a gun from them.

What is a Concealed Carry

A concealed carry is a situation where someone possesses a gun (handgun or a pistol) in the public without the knowledge of those around him/her. While some states in the US require residents to obtain a permit before they concealed carry a gun, other states do not have such laws in place.

How to Sell a Gun

Everyday in the US, people from all walks of life get involved in gun or firearm sales. If you are looking to sell a gun, the process is actually very easy. Find below the step-by-step guide on how to sell your firearm or gun.

Step 1: Lookup Gun Laws

The first step to take is to look up gun laws in the state where you reside. The last thing you wish yourself is to be ignorance of the law.

Step 2: Sell to a Trusted Person

Both federal and state laws require that gun sellers should only sell a firearm to someone they know and can vouch for. If you sell a gun to someone that you don't know or trust, you may be held liable for the misuse of the firearm.

Step 3: Perform a Background Check

To be sure you are selling a gun to someone trustworthy, you can perform a background check. There are so many ways to carry out a background check. You can use a tool such as CocoFinder to achieve that.

Step 4: Negotiate the Sale

The next step is to negotiate the amount you would like to sell the gun with the buyer. When negotiating the price, keep in mind the prevailing market rate of the gun.

Step 5: Write a Bill of Sale

Now this is the time to write a bill of sale. Ensure you include all the important information about the deal. Some of the information that makes a bill of sale valid include your full name and address, the full name of the other party and their address, a description of the item, and the date the transaction occurred.

Step 6: Make the Exchange

Once all of the 5 steps above are done, you can then proceed to make the exchange and then collect your money from the buyer.

How to Write a Bill of Sale?

Writing a gun bill of sale is pretty simple. Before you start to write a gun bill of sale, keep in mind that the form must contain the following information:

  • Transaction date and place
  • Both buyers and seller's full name
  • The sale price
  • Address of both the buyer and seller.
  • A description of the item to be bought or sold.

With that in mind, start the gun bill of sale form by writing a declaration that you are obligated to sell your firearm in a private deal in the witness of at least two persons. Once you include all the information above, be sure to authenticate the document with your signature and put date. That is how simple it is to write a gun bill of sale form.

If the above process seems tedious, you can count on CocoDoc to help you out. At CocoDoc, we can help you craft a compelling bill of sale for a deal involving a firearm. CoCodoc is a leader when it comes to giving people the opportunity to record their transactions or deal through the internet.


If you are looking to buy or sell a gun through a dealer in any state of the country, there are both federal and state laws for you to abide by. But if you decide to buy or sell a gun through private sale, then you need a firearm bill of sale forms. At its core, the firearm bill of sale records the transaction involving the sale of firearms between a buyer at the seller.

To protect yourself against fraud or misunderstanding with a potential buyer, it is important to craft a gun bill of sale. A bill of sale must contain a number of things for it to be valid. Some of the things include your full name and address, the full name of the other party and their address, a description of the item, and the date the transaction occurred.


Does a gun bill of sale have to be notarized?

Of course, a gun bill of sale should be notarized. Remember, a gun bill of sale is a legal document binding on you and the other parties. Once you notarized the bill of sale form, you will have peace of mind knowing that wherever the arm is used for crime, it will give security agencies a heads-up to figuring out the real cause of the crime.

Are guns automatically registered when purchased?

No! Purchase of guns doesn't translate into registration. You still have to register the gun for you to freely carry it around. For instance, in states like California and Massachusetts, residents are reminded to register all firearms in their possession through a dealer.

Is it illegal to sell someone else's gun?

Yes, it is illegal to sell someone else's gun without their knowledge. Whether the person is related to you or not, you are obliged to sell their gun without their express approval. However, there are federal laws that support selling someone's gun. The law requires that the buyer must verify the seller's identity and run a background check to ensure the seller is not a fraudster.

What makes a bill of sale valid?

There are so many things that must be in place for a bill of sale to be valid. To write a valid bill of sale, you must include the following:

Do I need to have the bill of sale witnessed by a third party?

The bill of sale Texas doesn't need witnesses for it to be valid. However, if you have one or two witnesses when the bill was signed it is better evidence, in case the transaction doesn't go down well.

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