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Are you wondering where to get the proper documents to sell your car in Washington? One of the required documents is the Washington bill of sale, and it’s available online. That excludes the need to visit the associated departments.

The information below will shed light on what’s needed and how to fill it. The WA bill of sale is always essential, and it should be part of the documents required when selling or buying a car privately in Washington.

What is a Vehicle Bill of Sale?

The bill of sale is a form you can use when privately buying or selling a vehicle or a boat. It includes both, depending on what you are chasing. It’s a record that shows the transfer of ownership from the previous owner to the new one.

It identifies those concerned, and that includes the buyer and the seller. In other forms, you may require notarization, but on the Washington vehicle bill of sale, it’s not necessary. Further details involve the description of the vehicle or the boat.

Signatures from both the buyer and seller will also be part of the document. If there are any other terms to be included in the sale or purchase, they should also be there. One more thing that should also be there is the price.

With the vehicle bill of sale, you can register the vehicle as the new owner.

How to Use a Vehicle Bill of Sale in Washington?

The Washington bill of sale is used when registering the vehicle. So, you can use it to declare the details of the seller and the buyer before visiting the DOL office. It’s also used during vehicle registration since it’s part of the requirements when obtaining the title.

The vehicle bill of sale is also valuable for selling all types of vehicles and boats. As long as it’s a private buyer and seller involved, the form is for you. If you are buying the car from a dealership, they will fill in and process the bill of sale filling for you.

Other areas to apply the vehicle bill of sale WA form is during taxes calculation. You will also need it when insuring the vehicle while the seller discontinues insuring it.

How to Write a Vehicle Bill of Sale in Washington?

It’s easy to fill in the WA state vehicle bill of sale once you have a platform that you can access online. Once you have the requirements ready, proceed to the CocoDoc website using your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Ensure that you have a proper internet connection when you do so. Navigate to the WA DMV bill of sale and click through to access it in a fillable format. Read the form carefully to see if any details are missing.

Next, start filling the blank spaces and ensure that all the mandatory spaces have the correct information. Since the buyer details are also needed, send the form’s link to them for filling. Once the form is completed on their end, CocoDoc will notify you.

Fill in your initials and sign twice below the form. Use an e-signature to do that. If you don’t have it, create one with CocoDoc and use it on the form. Once you verify that everything is correct, save and then send the form to the DOL.

Why Do You Need a Vehicle Bill of Sale in Washington?

The bill of sale Washington state form is essential if you are buying or selling a vehicle privately. It does not guarantee the buyer’s registration of title, but it’s necessary to have it as part of the documents required.

It’s also the document that shows the seller and buyer details in the transaction, pricing and vehicle details. In case of a dispute, the Washington state auto bill of sale will produce the deal’s rightful names.

During taxes calculation for the vehicle, the Department of Revenue will request this form. It will also apply when you want to insure the vehicle while the seller is canceling theirs. During the whole registration process, which includes number plate acquisition, the WA vehicle bill of sale must be there if you want a successful completion.

For the buyer, remember that the bill of sale should accompany you when applying for the title certificate.

Tips for Dealing with Buyers

As you sell the car, you will meet different buyers before settling on the right one. You need to seal the deal quickly, but buyers will always take their time. Remember the following as you meet the prospects:

Always be respectful: Your current buyer does not know how many times you have gone through the car’s information. That tells you to remain calm at all times and handle every buyer as a new person.

Engage in a test drive: Whether it’s the vehicle or the boat, there is nothing wrong with taking a ride to see how the car fairs. Don’t be obligated to offer at all times, especially if you are not comfortable. A test-drive around your place or in the neighborhood is quite okay.

Be firm: Know your price and know the room for negotiation. Don’t go below your expectations because you will appear desperate. Your mode of payment should also be clear to the buyer before the transaction happens.


With the above information, it’s now possible to acquire the Washington bill of sale with the most accessible means possible. Remember to submit it within five days from the day you fill it. With CocoDoc, you don’t need to take that long since you’ll handle the filling and sending on the platform.


Is a bill of sale required in Washington?

Yes, the Washington car bill of sale is essential. The DOL department in Washington will need it when calculating the use tax on the vehicle. It’s a good idea to keep it at all times for your recording purposes. You never know if it’s the document that will solve a dispute later.

What does a typical Washington bill of sale look like?

The Washington state car bill of sale is a well-defined simple form with the instructions to fill when selling a vehicle or boat. It includes spaces to enter the model details, seller and buyer information, sale date and price, and both the buyer and seller’s signatures.

Should I sell my car online?

As long as you have the forms needed to sell your car, online selling is another preferred method. You can use platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The problem is that it will be more time-consuming as you take the pictures and write the car’s correct information.

Who keeps the bill of sale when selling a car?

The bill of sale should be kept by both the buyer and the seller. There should be copies for both parties in addition to any other necessary documents. It’s suitable for maintaining personal records and solving disputes that may arise later.

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