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What is a Trailer Bill of Sale?

When there is any legal change in the ownership of a trailer, it is recorded in a document. That document is called Trailer Bill of sale. The bill of sale is the legal agreement to buy or sell any mass towed to a moving vehicle.

The bill of sale is a document that shows that you bought that vehicle from some private seller. Clear your mind that the bill of sale is not a title, but you can contact the DMV to get that trailer’s title.

This document prevents any fraud in the future and also protects the rights of both parties. There are two types of trailers, one for residential use and the other for commercial use. Depending on the usage of the trailer, the trailer bill sale is prepared and has certain information regarding the trailer.

The bill of sale can give you a guarantee about the condition of the trailer. Also, it will let you know about the trailer’s history and authenticity. Moreover, it will give you confidence that the thing you are buying is legal and is not robbed by someone.

When Will You Need a Trailer Bill of Sale Form?

A trailer bill of sale form is a legal document that you can need at any point in your life. Such a situation may happen where another person files a lawsuit against you that you have done fraud with them.

You have not paid the payment or have made a mis-commitment regarding the features of the trailer. But if you have a trailer bill of sale, you can, without any problem, deny all the false accusations against you and can also present that form as your proof.

If someone just appears and claims that the trailer you have bought is his, you can present the trailer bill of sale to show your ownership. This document is actually to safeguard the rights. One should go for it while making buying and selling deals.

How To Sell a Trailer?

Selling a trailer is no big deal. You can eventually do it with the utmost ease. We live in a world of technology; you can simply click a picture and post it on social media or the sites that deal with buying and selling errands.

When you choose to sell it online in no time, you can get many people who are interested in buying it. You can also place that trailer with the board for sale outside your house. Or you can sell it locally.

Even if you want your trailer to be sold quickly, you can contact the trailer dealers near your place if you are willing to sell your trailer to a company so you can do it as well. Auctions are also where you can sell out your trailer. Go for the option which is most convenient for you.

How to Write a Trailer Bill of Sale Form?

It is vital to fill out or write the transfer bill of sale correctly as if there is some false information. The transfer bill will directly be referred invalid. There are online bill of sale templates available, or you can also get a bill of sale pdf form or write independently.

Make sure that names, address, and contact number are mentioned in the transfer bill sale form. Try to include all the details of the vehicle (model, make, year and VIN). Also, ensure to write about anything which you think is essential related to the vehicle.

If the seller is providing any warranty so write what type of warranty is that. Also, if you want, you can mention the liens against that vehicle (if any). Both the parties should sign the document.


Trailer bill of sale is a vital legal document to have by your side. Ensure your dealings have legal records as it is your security from any sort of scam. Before pursuing a trailer bill of sale, check your state’s law regarding it, as the law may vary from state to state. We have done work from our end. Let us know if it was helpful for you and how we can improve it.

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